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45% of total power consumption in factory is consumed in machining line.70% of machining line is the fixed consumption regardless of production volume. Most of the fixed consumption consists of hydraulic unit, oil cooing, and coolant pump. Though it is important to reduce these three parts, nobody touched this area because of direct influence on production. Energy-saving activity by reviewing machining facilities is indispensable to protect environment and improve productivity.


Konan Electric Co.,Ltd. is one of Japenese leading manufacturer and supplier of pneumatic and hydraulic fluid control components for factory automation and energy-saving applications. Konans highly reliable products, including solenoid valves, air cylinders, and various actuators, have been developed with qualified technologies to meet the needs in the energy, fine chemicals, and many other industrial fields. Our products and service are highly evaluated not only in Japan but over 50 countries around the world.

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