Who are we?

We are a ditributor for factory automation goods and services. Our mission is to provide "HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS AND SERVICES AT COMPETITIVE PRICES". In other words, we are ready and committed to provide the best services for our customers, in terms of providing the best quality products at competitive prices and after sales services.
Being in the Industry for more than 20 years, Eterna has plenty of experience in supplying and servicing high quality Industrial equipments and related products.

In addition to supplying automation goods and services, we also have manufacturing and service division, which allows us to produce special products that are tailored to customer needs and provide excellent after-sales services and the technical support to customers.
We are eager to provide more values to our customers. We aim to not only be one of the suppliers, but also to be the BEST BUSINESS PARTNER in servicing engine oil coolers, hydraulic cylinders, and power-pack makers.

Our Vision

To be valueable partner in the industrial automation ,and
to provide quality products and services to our customers

Our Mission

High quality service at a competitive price
Consistent in bringing excellent services and technical engineering support to customer
We are commited to expanding our coverage to the industrial areas of Indonesia

Best Prices

We provide automation products at the best prices

Good Services

We’re determined to give the best services

Good Quality

We ensure our products have a good quality