Technician Assistant

Send email with subject : Technician Assistant

* Experience in practical works

* Strong interpersonal skills and organized experience

* Having knowledge of SolidWorks, PLC, wiring etc

* Graduate from D3/S1 mechanical, mechatronic, electronic or electrical engineering

Junior Sales Engineer

Send email with subject : Junior Sales Engineer

* Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering - Mechanical, Electrical, or related discipline

* Have an entrepreneurial drive and desire to succeed

* Enjoy working in a fast-paced, multi-tasking environment

* Enjoy talking to others, building new relationships, interacting with customers, and coworkers

* Are proficient with all basic MS software, and have the ability to learn new desktop and web based software quickly

* Have an engineering background

* Fresh graduate welcome

Sales Admin

Send email with subject : Sales Admin

* Bachelor degree

* Fresh graduates, or work experience in corporate business is preferred

* Good administrative skills, including data management, order processing, and documentation.

* Having accuracy in data processing and able to work with deadline .

* Good communication, able to work with team, have a positive attitude and customer service orientation